For 125 years, the Kentucky Pipe Trades Association & the UA has provided a safe and productive workforce unmatched anywhere else in the industry. Project owners from small firms to Fortune 500 companies utilize our highly skilled workforce for construction, maintenance and installation services.


The UA spends roughly $250 million dollars a year on recruiting, training and continuously educating our members to provide the safest, most skilled workforce in the industry.  Our Local Unions operate hundreds of comprehensive training facilities across North America, providing certified apprenticeship programs to develop the next generation of skilled workers and journeymen certification programs to ensure our workforce is up to date on the latest industry technologies and standards.

Through joint labor-management agreements, the UA and our contractors dedicate a percentage of wages directly into trusts that fund diverse classroom and on-the-job training.   Our highly motivated and capable apprentices allow us to average our labor rates to a very competitive level in light of our high productivity.

Our training programs are recognized as the very best in the industry. We offer various programs benefitting our members, contractors and owners:


Accidents and injuries on the jobsite increase costs and lead to project disruptions and risks.  In order for a project to be completed on time and on budget, safety must be a top priority.

The UA has always had a strong safety program.  We believe every worker has a right to go home from the job in the same shape as when he or she arrived at the workplace.  We also believe that a safe workplace is the most productive and profitable workplace.

The UA Standard for Safety policy compliments our OSHA safety training programs and ensures that both UA members and our signatory contractors make best safety practices an inherent part of the quality craftsmanship we provide.

In addition to rigorous safety training, UA members adhere to a professional code, the UA Standard for Excellence, which fosters the best work ethic and attitude on the job.

Both policies represent a labor-management commitment to upholding the highest industry standards in the workplace and ensuring customer satisfaction by promoting UA members’ world-class skills and safe, efficient work practices.

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