For over 130 years the Kentucky Pipe Trades Association & the UA have provided a safe and productive workforce unmatched anywhere in the industry. From small firms to Fortune 500 companies our highly skilled workforce has built and maintained some of the largest and most sophisticated projects the world has seen. From the largest project to the smallest our craftsmen will deliver the results you demand.


The UA spends hundreds of millions of dollars a year on training to continuously educate our members with the most current and up to date technology the industry demands. We provide the safest, most skilled workforce in the industry.  Our Local Unions operate comprehensive training facilities across North America.

With partnerships, developed with the contractors, we have developed diverse classroom courses and hands on projects that simulate your job site conditions. Our highly motivated and capable apprentices will give you an advantage in productivity that is unmatched.


We believe that a safe workplace is the most productive and profitable workplace. Our Journeymen and Apprentices recognize this and strive to keep the safety of the jobsite a priority as well realizing working in a productive manner can be done safely. The UA has and will continue to have a commitment to the safety to our members and contractors.

The UA Standard for Safety policy compliments our OSHA safety training programs and ensures that both UA members and our signatory contractors make best safety practices an inherent part of the quality craftsmanship we provide.

In addition to rigorous safety training, UA members adhere to a professional code, the UA Standard for Excellence, which fosters the best work ethic and attitude on the job.

Both policies represent a labor-management commitment to upholding the highest industry standards in the workplace and ensuring customer satisfaction by promoting UA members’ world-class skills and safe efficient work practices.

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